My Time Among the Stars — now available as an ebook


My Time Among the Stars: The Collected Alustro’s Journals (Tales of the Fading Suns) is now available in ebook format. This book collects the journal entries that originally appeared in every Fading Suns sourcebook, taken from the actual journals of Illuminatus Guissepe Alustro and translated for pre-Diasporan readers (i.e., you) by Bill Bridges. If you’re new to Fading Suns, this is a good place to start. If you’re a veteran of the Emperor Wars, this is a good place to take a walk down memory lane (no, not the “Chauki stride,” but a thrilling time with old friends).

• Kindle: You can get My Time Among the Stars in Kindle format at amazon and at smashwords(as a .mobi file).
• ePub (Nook, iBook, etc.): Available at smashwords.

Alert the Town Criers Guild! Please spread the word far and wide! Don’t leave Alustro alone in the Dark Between the Stars — bring a lantern to the Dark!

P.S. Visit Bill Bridges at his website, where you can read his blog and subscribe to updates.

Letters of Marque 3: The Galliots and Other Lost Treasures now available

Letters of Marque 3: The Galliots and Other Lost Treasures starship deckplans set is now available for order from your local gamestore or this website!

Currently in the works: Arcane Tech for Fading Suns and a new Fantasy Encounters release. Visit to see a computer game that HDI’s Andrew Greenberg helped design, developed by our Atlanta colleagues Heuristic Park. Check back soon for news about upcoming HDI convention appearances.