Buy Noble Armada on Steam Now!

The Noble Armada: Lost Worlds PC game launched Sept. 13! If you have a Steam account, please go HERE to buy it now. If you don’t have a Steam account, start one so you can 🙂 The game has come together nicely and we look forward to you getting the chance to play it soon.

Fading Suns Design Diary for August

A note from Bill Bridges:

My new Fading Suns design diary is up at Ulisses North America’s site.

In other news, Amazon’s Createspace print-on-demand publishing service is being phased out for their new KDP paperbacks. I’ve gone ahead and switched over to ensure that all of you fine Fading Suns fans can order copies of My Time Among the Stars in paperback format with no hitches. Hint.

Bill’s Fading Suns Designer Diary

Good news for Fading Suns fans: Bill Bridges has the first in a monthly series of design diaries about the new edition of Fading Suns now up at the Ulisses NA site. Check it out:

There’s also a link there letting you download a free PDF of the latest Town Criers Guild report, with news, gossip, and agora notices from across the Known Worlds in the year 5017. Don’t be left behind — go now!


Noble Armada Needs Your Vote!

Fading Suns: Noble Armada, HDI’s digital version of its Noble Armada starship combat game, is now looking to get Greenlit on Steam, and we need your vote!

This real-time strategy game allows you to command ships for one of the five royal houses of the Fading Suns as you battle barbarians, heretics and, worst of all, other nobles! Recreate classic battles, recover lost worlds and reunite humanity. Take part in unique campaigns, set your own battles in skirmish mode, and experience the Fading Suns in a whole new way. Vote for it now, and get ready to experience it this Fall!