Chris Wiese

Chris Wiese, former president of GAMA and a partner at HDI, is co-designer of Holistic Design’s Noble Armada spaceship miniature game and designer of the Letters of Marque deckplan products for Noble Armada. Chris wrote “Steal Your Face” for The Sinful Stars and has contributed to many Fading Suns sourcebooks. He also designed “Skull Slam,” a Carnage miniatures game variant.

Chris is the developer for HDI’s miniature product lines (Noble Armada, Carnage and Combat Zone). He is also in charge of marketing, sales and licensing for HDI.

His background includes experience as a commercial artist, art/advertising/print production director, and he has even run a screen printing department. Beyond a passion for games and game design, Chris brings to HDI knowledge and expertise gathered from having overseen the development and production of ad campaigns for pro and college sports teams and many Fortune 500 companies.