About Holistic Design


HDI (Holistic Design, Inc.) is a multimedia company that has produced computer games, roleplaying games, fiction books, and miniatures games.

Holistic Design’s foremost Intellectual Property is FADING SUNS, a science-fiction universe featured in many different games and stories. Please direct inquiries to thisĀ email.

What’s In a Name?

Many people have wondered how HDI got its name. Holistic Design began in early 1990s in the basements of a group of Georgia Tech students who called their nascent company Several Dudes Holistic Gaming. Once they’d proven themselves to the world with the release of Battles of Destiny and Hammer of the Gods, they regrouped with new partners and relaunched the company as Holistic Design, Inc. (HDI for short). The “holistic” part was both a nod to the company’s founding name and a sign that the newly reborn HDI would be a multimedia company, capable of launching properties in many forms — they were the hol(istic) enchilada.