Town Criers Guild Announces Fading Suns Portuguese Translation

ATLANTA – August 5, 2016 – Holistic Design Inc. and Canivete Films announce a licensing agreement for a Fading Suns roleplaying game Portuguese translation. After many years, and much growing support for the system, the gaming community in Brazil can look forward to an opportunity to travel amongst the stars to worlds of wonder and intrigue in the Fading Suns universe.

“We are very happy to have the talented team at Canivete Films translating and publishing Fading Suns in Brazil,” said Holistic Design President Chris Wiese. “There are so many new titles coming out for Fading Suns and the related Noble Armada miniature game system worldwide this year. All of these elements will enhance the opportunity for a Portuguese translation of Fading Suns.”

“For us it is a dream that came true. To bring to Brazil, a sci-fi roleplaying game, with the weight and notoriety of Fading Suns, and making it accessible in Portuguese is a true achievement for us”, said Canivete Films Vice President Marco Loureiro.

“What to say about Fading Suns? Imagine yourself in a scenery where the lost interstellar races of Erik Von Däniken meet with the Space Opera of Frank Herbert’s Dune, in a noble house ruler system seeking galactic control. Now add the threat of a repeating history of the Foundation of Asimov, with humans exploring the universe with the jumpgates. Fading Suns is a: Sci-Fi RPG where everything can be epic, all stories could become a saga. And your character may conquer the universe.” said XXXX CEO Leandro L. C. e Rodrigues, Director of Content of Crônicas da Magia, Director of Quickblade RPG and Director Editor of the Ed Greenwood Group Brazil.

“Fading Suns is the RPG that cannot be missing on the shelf of your game store. Being a rich and broad universe, the only thing that will be the threshold for your adventure, is the moment your imagination depletes. Nothing like a good medieval adventure in space to involve your friends.” Said Mandy Penido, manager at Terramédia store.


Holistic Design is an Atlanta-based game design company. Holistic Design develops roleplaying game products such as Fading Suns and Real Life Roleplaying, tabletop miniature games such as Noble Armada and Carnage, computer games such as Emperor of the Fading Suns, Mall Tycoon and Warhammer 40K Final Liberation and is currently developing App games for multiple platforms. Holistic Design was founded in 1992.


Canivete Films is a video production company that believes and creates inspiring ideas to work on, with experience on audio-visual, photography, social media and motion graphics.
They worked with several companies of diverse segments and out of late, with RPG publishers. Currently involved in creating events, through the Dungeon Geek, a franchise focused on the nerd/geek universe, mainly on roleplaying games. Canivete Films is based in Sao Paulo and was founded in 2012.


Chris Wiese, President, Holistic Design Inc.,, 770-592-1718


Marco Loureiro, Vice President, Canivete Films.,, 55-11-4115-4166

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