A joyful Lux Splendor update

From the Ulisses Spiele International facebook page:

Patience will finally be rewarded in early 2020: The Fading Suns core book layout is nearing completion, with new art coming in every week — color art! This will be the first full-color edition for our far-future passion play, giving the Known Worlds (and beyond) the vibrant look it’s long deserved. Already, companion books and products have been written and edited and will begin production soon. The launch of the new edition will be massive.

Following an old tradition, Ulisses would like to wish you all a joyful Lux Splendor. To quote from a homily delivered by Patriarch Palamon on Holy Terra in 5019: “Just as the Prophet’s transfiguration on this day bathed the stellar jumproads with holy radiance, driving out the Dark and opening a thousand worlds to safe habitation, so do your gifts to one another enact that same selfless act. Brethren of the far-flung worlds, the glow of many moons teaches us that to give you must first receive.”

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