Battles of Destiny Map Editor Available on GOG

The Battles of Destiny Map Editor is now available via GOG! The map editor actually shipped with the game, but was not accessible via the DOS Box. GOG has fixed this, and you can now make your own maps! Instruction for using the Map Editor start on p. 61 of the manual, and we plan to livestream some examples of how to use it.

There is an image attached showing the new startup screen. If you do not get this option, uninstall Battles of Destiny (you will be able to keep your saved games) and reinstall it.

You can get Battles of Destiny here

To see our livestream of how to play Battles of Destiny, go HERE

Hammer of the Gods Now Available on GOG

Hammer of the Gods puts you in the role of one of Odin’s chosen, leading Vikings, trolls, elves and dwarves in a war across Europe or a fantasy world of your own creation. A classic 4x strategy game, Hammer of the Gods introduced the combat system later popularized by Heroes of Might and Magic. During play you explore, create new colonies, raid and plunder, and fulfill rewarding quests for the gods of Norse mythology.

Hammer of the Gods has not been commercially available since New World Computing lost the rights in 1995. Now you can get it at and it is discounted for its launch week.

See livestreams of Hammer of the Gods at and

If you are interested in modding and optimal play for EFS, check out this video from Xenotrenium:

Hammer of the Gods review from Computer Gaming World Issue 127:
… if you are looking to pass a few hours with friends having fun, then hop into a boat, slap your horns on your head and leave your civilized conscience behind. The Gods are waiting and they have TOYS!!!”

(FYI, we really miss CGW. If you want to reminisce some more, check out the full issue:

Merry Lux Splendor (2021)

From Magister Moore’s annual Address to the Illuminants:

Merry Lux Splendor!

We celebrate the Radiance of Light, when the Prophet sanctified the roads between worlds. He reminds us that light is a gift, and so in this time we give to others, that our light might reflect from one soul to the next.

But what of those who are alone? Those who have no others near to receive their radiance and return it back? I am reminded of the writings of Sister Yetunde Folarin, the anchorite hesychast of the Zorqula Mountains on Nowhere in her Epistles to No One:

“Long, ageless solitude has attuned the eyes of my soul to see the Invisible Light. Its searchlight beams spring from each heart, questing forth to each other heart and onward, out across the infinite night between worlds. I tell you, No One, that you are not alone, for the Light is all about you, even in the darkest deep cave or the emptiest void beyond the jumpgate. It comes from you, and is returned to you a thousandfold by the Pancreator.”